Zales: A Diamond in the Rough


In September 2013, DWFD purchased 800 Ohio, most recently known as DeFoor's Pawn Shop.  Originally built in 1884, this building had a series of owners and renovations until 1924 when it became the first Zales Jewelry Store, and looks like we know it today.  With 12,000 square feet of space, DWFD plans to renovate and transform this building into a set of locally-owned retail shops.  In addition to using the money earned from our events, DWFD will be reaching out to foundations, corporations and the local community for assistance in returning 800 Ohio to its former glory.

Zales 1920s

Original Zales Jewelry Store, circa 1925

Oil City


In 1919, 800 Ohio was the National Bank of Commerce.

DWFD Board of Directors - Zales

The Downtown Wichita Falls Development Board of Directors and staff in front of our "new" building!

 Zales 2015

Transom Glass

On May 19, 2016 we had the unvieling of the historical marker from the Texas Historical Commision. Soon after the building went up for sale.

 In May of 2017, Downtown Wichita Falls Development, Inc. sold the Zales building to Ganache Company. Watch below to hear about their plans for the property.

Vision for Zales building, Wichita Falls from Downtown Wichita Falls on Vimeo.


Zales building in the news:

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